Apr 28, 2012

Aldrich Bailey No. 6 400M Prep All Time

Aldrich Bailey No. 6 High Schooler Ever: 45.19
The all-time top 10 among prep quartermilers:
44.69........ Darrell Robinson (Wilson, Tacoma, Washington) 1982

45.01........ Jerome Young (Prince Tech, Hartford, Connecticut) 1995

45.09........ Henry Thomas (Hawthorne, California) 1985

45.14........ **Obea Moore (Muir, Pasadena, California) 1995

45.17........ *William Reed (Central, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 1987

45.19........ Aldrich Bailey (Timberview, Arlington, Texas) 2012

45.25........ Calvin Harrison (North, Salinas, California) 1993

............. LaShawn Merritt (Wilson, Portsmouth, Virginia) 2004

45.36........ Chris Nelloms (Dunbar, Dayton, Ohio) 1990

............. Marlon Ramsey (West Brook, Beaumont, Texas) 1994

Jackson Defends 400m Olympic Champ LaShawn Merritt

PHILADELPHIA –– The smallest member of the U.S. men’s sprint team has proven to be the feistiest in recent weeks, and he may have provided an Olympic-sized injection of camaraderie in the process.
It all started in March, when Great Britain’s Dai Greene, the world champion in the 400m hurdles and an outspoken advocate for ridding track and field of doping, brazenly told British media that he would call LaShawn Merritt a drug cheat to his face if given the opportunity at the Games this summer. 

Merritt, the reigning 400m Olympic champion, tested positive for a banned steroid contained in a male-enhancement product in 2010. After serving a 21-month ban, the Court of Arbitration for Sport last year overturned the International Olympic Committee’s rule which stated that any athlete given a ban longer than six months should miss the next Olympics, a ruling Greene takes umbrage with.
“If I'm in the relay team and we reach the final then there's every chance we'll be lining up against Merritt,” Greene said, risking certain villain status. “I'll tell you now, I'll happily go and find him at the start and tell him to his face, ‘You're a cheat and you shouldn't be here.’

Those comments drew no remark from the 6-foot-2 Merritt, but riled up 5-8 Bershawn Jackson who said Greene “wrote a check that he can’t cash,” and all but vowed to make Greene eat his words in London.
Merritt said he was not surprised by Jackson’s reaction.
“That’s Team USA. We stick together,” Merritt said here at the Penn Relays. “I know Bershawn personally. We have been good friends for years now. When he came out with that, I just laughed it off.”
Jackson said there was no way he was letting anyone bad mouth the USA.
“I just felt like someone had to say something,” Jackson explained. “Through all of my success, I always gave (Greene) props. For a guy to throw stones at us, I was basically telling him, ‘Back up what you say.’ We’re definitely coming.
"It’s nothing personal against him. I don’t hate the guy. I’m happy for what he’s achieved, but now he better run extra harder because he’s got a target on his back.”
For his part, Merritt said he read Greene’s comment but just shrugged off the negativity.
“People are entitled to their opinions,” Merritt said. “I can’t control what everybody says. People are going to talk but I’m going to continue to work hard and do what I do.”
When asked he feels like he too has a target on his back now that he has injected himself into the Merritt-Greene saga, Jackson was indifferent.
“It don’t matter,” he said. “That’s why we train. I love competition. Let’s do it.”
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Mar 9, 2012

Arman Hall of St. Thomas Aquinas rips 46.21

* Arman Hall of St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla) has a great meet establishing new US #1 in winning the 400 (46.41). He also won the 200 in 21.14 (NWI). more....

Jun 12, 2011

Wariner Wins New York Golden League 400 Meters

By Vicky Oddi, Universal Sports
NEW YORK - After finishing as the runner-up to Angelo Taylor at the Pre Classic last weekend, 2004 Olympic gold medalist Jeremy Wariner bounced back this week to win a down-to-the-wire 400m against Jermaine Gonzales and Rondell Bartholomew.

After a good start and a strong backstretch, Wariner came off the curve with just a slight lead over Gonzales and Bartholomew. Inside the 80m mark Bartholomew pulled even with Wariner and for an instant it looked as if Wariner would be defeated again. But he was able to maintain his focus and hold off the late charge to get the win in 45.13. Gonzales used a late kick of his own to edge Bartholomew at the tape as they crossed the line in 45.16 and 45.17, respectively.

After he was able to recover his breath, Wariner talked about his race saying "I knew it was going to be a tight race. Everyone in that race has run 44 sometime in the past year-and-a-half. I executed a lot better this week than last week. My legs were under me this time. Last week my legs were a little dead, when I did my practice start it didn't feel right. I didn't execute at all. I didn't get out from the start, I let them get so far ahead of me that it was hard to come back from.

"Today, my first half of the race was perfect. Right where Coach Hart wanted me to be. The wind was real tough today but fortunately I was able to stay focused and relaxed down the home stretch. I think that's why I was able to beat them at the end, " Wariner said.

Now Wariner will focus on making the World Championships team this year, something he hasn't had to do since 2005. And then he will focus on regaining his world 400m title. "I've got US Champs coming up, I have to make the team this year to go to Worlds. That's my first goal. After that, it's to prepare myself for Worlds and win the world title," Wariner said.

Another man focused on making his nation's team for the 2011 World Championships is Oscar Pistorius. Running out of lane 1, Pistorius surged down the homestretch to finish fifth in 45.69 to Wariner's winning 45.13. Better known as the "Blade Runner," it is the second-fastest time he has ever run, though still shy of the 45.25 ‘A' standard that he needs to qualify for this year's World Championships.

After his race, Pistorius was pleased with his performance saying "Coming into the homestretch I had to really pick up the pace. Very, very happy with today's time considering the wind and the rain and everything."

When asked if he would have preferred any other lane besides line 1, he quipped "I'm blessed just to have a race, to be able to take a lane here. You know, these guys are in the top of the world. I'm glad to have a lane here and I'll take whichever lane."

400 Meter Results

1 WARINER Jeremy USA 45.13
2 GONZALES Jermaine JAM 45.16
3 BARTHOLOMEW Rondell GRN 45.17
4 BROWN Christopher BAH 45.50
5 PISTORIUS Oscar RSA 45.69
6 BORLÉE Kevin BEL 45.86
7 QUOW Renny TRI 46.39
8 CHAMBERS Ricardo JAM 46.74 more....

Jun 11, 2011

Aggies Senior Jessica Beard Wins NCAA 400m Championship

DES MOINES, Iowa - Jessica Beard accomplished her goal of winning the NCAA Outdoor Championship in the 400 meters on Friday evening with a time of 51.10 seconds on a wet track in front of 7,423 fans at Drake Stadium.

Beard won both NCAA titles in the 400 during her senior year, winning the indoor crown on A&M's home track and the outdoor version in Des Moines.

"I wanted to get 10 points for my team," Beard said. "Of course I could have run faster, but whatever time it takes for me to be in first place and score 10 points is what I'll take.

"I'm really thankful. It was the calmest I've been for a final. I'm just really happy that the race turned out the way it did. Hopefully we are still in it for the team championship."

Starting in lane five Beard felt the presence of Auburn's Joanna Atkins early from lane four. Atkins made up the stagger on Beard with a stern first 200 meters. Bidding her time, Beard pounced on the field with 180 remaining.

"Coach Anderson told me she would do that since Joanna can run 22 in the 200," explained Beard. "So, I already knew she had a lot of foot speed. I just had to remain calm. As long as she hadn't passed me before I got off the curve I figured it was going to be guts versus guts to the end. She is a great competitor."

Coming into the homestretch Beard's lead stretched to four tenths of a second over Atkins while Kansas frosh Diamond Dixon placed third in 51.88.

"Oh, it was a great feeling heading down the homestretch in the lead," exclaimed Beard. "I couldn't even look at the clock, I was just wanting to know where is the finish line. Once I hit it I was elated."

The time by Beard lowered her collegiate leading mark from the 51.24 she recorded in the semifinal. Her 51.10 clocking is 12th in the world for the 2011 season and sixth among Americans. It's also the sixth fastest performance on the A&M all-time list.

Women's 400 Meter Results

Place Athlete Name Yr Affiliation Time
1 Jessica Beard SR Texas A&M 51.10
2 Joanna Atkins SR Auburn 51.50
3 Diamond Dixon FR Kansas 51.88
4 Shelise Williams SR Arkansas 51.94
5 Ciara Short SR Cal St. Fullerton 52.35
6 Regina George SO Arkansas 52.53
7 Jenna Martin SR Kentucky 52.97
8 Ashley Kelly JR Illinois 53.64

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Kirani James wins NCAA 400m Title

DES MOINES, Iowa – Alabama’s Kirani James, a Grenadian National, successfully repeated as the NCAA 400-meter champion on Friday night at Drake Stadium.

The sophomore standout claimed his second outdoor 400 meter title by just three one-hundredths of a second with a time of 45.092 from the outside lane to edge out Texas Tech’s Gil Roberts for the title.

“It was a very close finish and there were a lot of question marks and tense moments as we waited for the results,” James said. “When they flashed the final results on the board, I was ecstatic and happy that I could pull off such a feat. It’s always great to accomplish something like this. I ran and competed with a great group of guys and I’m so happy to repeat as the NCAA Champion.”

James’ time was slightly off from his personal best time in a field that featured eight sub-45 second times . However, due to weather delays he also participated in this morning’s 4x400 meter relay and then had to face cool, rainy conditions in the championship heat of the 400 meters in addition to a less than desirable lane assignment.

“It happens and you can’t control things like that,” James said of those adversities. “I’m glad I was ready and prepared to deal with that and control what I could control. I was running blind and just trying to control my race and finish strong.”

UA head coach Harvey Glance echoed his pupil’s thoughts in the strategy heading into the championship heat.
“Out in lane eight he was running blind the whole race and couldn’t see the field, but he found a way to win,” Glance said. “My advice to him was to protect his first 200 meters and he did that to keep the rest of the field from catching up to him and then he battled the last 100 meters to find the tape. He’s a winner and a finisher and that’s what you need to be successful in this sport.”

Earlier in the day in the 4x400-meter relay, James turned in a solid split as did his teammates Dwayne Extol, Fred Samoei and Bobby Onyeukwu. However, the team was disqualified on its final exchange for a lane violation.

James’ title wraps up the collegiate season for the Crimson Tide and is the 24th NCAA title for the men’s track and field team.

400m Finals Results

Place Athlete Name Yr Affiliation Time
1 Kirani James SO Alabama 45.10
2 Tony McQuay SO Florida 45.14
3 Mike Berry FR Oregon 45.18
4 Demetrius Pinder SR Texas A&M 45.23
5 Joey Hughes JR USC 45.64
6 Josh Mance FR USC 45.66
7 Bryan Miller SR Texas A&M 45.80
DQ Gil Roberts JR Texas Tech


Jun 10, 2011

Wariner Looking For Better Execution in New York 400 Meters

Great Universal Sports interview with 400m runner Jeremy Wariner where he comments on his Eugene 400m effort, the Olympics and Lashawn Merritt. Below is video of Angelo Taylor upsetting Wariner in Prefontaine 400m on June 4th.
By Joe Battaglia, Universal Sports
NEW YORK -- When Jeremy Wariner fails to cross the finish line first, he know it is usually because he did not execute a phase of his race correctly. After a poor showing at the Diamond League Prefontaine Classic, Wariner is looking to get back on track at the adidas Grand Prix. We spoke to Wariner about his next race, and the remainder of the season.

Do you feel like your best performances and times are still ahead of you?

Yeah, I think so. I still think I can get back down into the low 43s. Training-wise I'm there, it's mainly just executing better than I have the past few years. Toward the end of last year I started executing a lot and my times started dropping, so I just have continue to do that this weekend.

Was losing to Angelo Taylor at the Prefontaine Classic a shock to you?

I'm going to be disappointed when I lose, but Angelo's competitive. Angelo's run 44.3. Actually he's run faster than that - 44.0 at U.S. Champs one year -- but I know he's always going to be there in the mix of things. He almost got me last year in Rome. But it was my fault that I lost. I didn't get out. I didn't run my race like I should. I would say it shocked me a little bit because I didn't run my race, but at the same time I knew there was a chance he could run that time.

Was your execution just not good in Eugene?
I didn't execute one bit. I didn't get out. I was way behind at 150. Bershawn (Jackson) had taken it out and Angelo was ahead of me and usually I'm ahead of Angelo all the time, so for him to be ahead of me at the 200 really showed that I didn't get out. I didn't work the turn like I usually do. Fortunately I was able to come down the home stretch strong and if I had about 10 more meters me and Angelo would have been closer than we were, but I've already passed that meet and I'm looking forward to this one now. This is a faster track for the 400 runners than Hayward Field in my eyes. I think the times here are going to be a lot faster than they were last week.

Did you spend time analyzing your race and figuring out how to correct your mistakes?
Everyone learns from when they lose. The great athletes will know why they lost and athletes that don't know why, they will try to learn that. Fortunately for me, I'm at that stage where if I lose I know what I did wrong and how I can correct it. Mentally it's tough being on top so long and winning so many races consistently and then all of a sudden starting losing and going back and forth, so mentally it took me a little while to just get rid of it and not think like in the past if I lost one race. I would come back and be able to win, but when I kept losing that same year in '08 I was mentally kind of - it put me down a little bit, but I've been able to work on that this year and last year, and I think it showed last year when I started being more competitive towards the end of the season.

Do you do a lot of film studying?
No not really. Sometimes I go back and watch my races to see what I did in a certain race, but most of the time I stay away from that because I don't want to go back and say I have to do that, I have to do this and then I go out there and try and do it and it's not the same as what I've trained for.

Do you want to go out and run a fast time that establishes yourself as the man to beat in the 400m?
I always want to go out there and win. I want to go out there and compete my hardest every time I step on the track. I'm not going to be satisfied if I don't. Last week I wasn't satisfied. I regrouped, trained hard this week, and I'm ready to go out this week to start going back out there and running hard and running fast times.

A year out until London, what's it going to take for you to regain your Olympic title?
Well right now I'm not really worried about the Olympics. I've got U.S. Champs coming up and then a few weeks after, if I make the team, the World Championships. So that's my first goal, to make the team then go to Daegu and get the number one (ranking) and world championship there. Then after that I can start focusing on the Olympics. This year is a build-up to that. I have to be focused on this year and continue to execute my race like I know I can and that will help me go into next season.

Do you have any sympathy for LaShawn Merritt's situation?
I'm not going into that subject. If he's on the track later this year and I step on the line against him, then great. If not, he's not there. Right now I'm only focused on who is in the same race as me, that's it.

Do you feel deprived at all to have lost your world championship to someone who tested positive for doping?

That has nothing to do with why I lost. I lost because I didn't run my race. I didn't prepare myself properly like I did in the past. He just ran the better race at the time. Both years, ‘08 and '09, we went back and forth with each other. There wasn't one set person who you knew was going to win when you stepped on the line. No one knew exactly who was going to win. Whoever had the better race was going to win that day. Unfortunately for me, the two big days he got me.

May 29, 2011

NCAA Div. II & III Track and Field Championships-400 Meter Results

DIvision II and Division III National Championships took place this weekend. Here are the 400 Meter Results for both men and women.

Division II Womens 400 Meter Dash Results

1 Shannon Gagne SR New Haven 53.62
2 Samantha Edwards JR Virginia State 53.74
3 Kelly Shaw SO St. Augustine's 54.65
4 Kristi Buerkle SR Bemidji State 55.04
5 Jillisa Grant JR New Mexico Highlands 56.06
6 Janae Jones JR Stillman 56.49
7 Nicketa Bernard SO St. Augustine's 57.08
8 Nicketa Coombs JR U-Mary 58.35

Division II Mens 400 Meter Dash Results

1 Leford Green SR Johnson C. Smith 45.74
2 Akino Ming SO Johnson C. Smith 46.74
3 Dane Hyatt SO Lincoln (Mo.) 46.96
4 Evan White SO UMass Lowell 47.15
5 Josh Edmonds FR St. Augustine's 47.56
6 Dominic Smith JR American Int'l 47.65
7 Kelly Fisher JR St. Augustine's 48.03
8 John Guagenti SO Findlay 48.13

Division III Womens 400 Meter Dash Results

1 314 Nevada Morrison JR Wartburg 54.74
2 126 Marcia McCord SR Ithaca 55.72
3 198 Mary Mahoney SO Mount Union 55.93
4 219 Sheila Walsh SR North Centra 56.01
5 16 Elsa Millett JR Bowdoin 56.66
6 320 Michelle Wuenstel SR Washington a 56.67
7 35 Kwesi Seabrook JR Capital 56.84
8 114 Lauren Alpert JR Illinois Wes 56.89

DIvision III Mens 400 Meter Dash Results

1 651 Dan Benton SR North Centra 46.84
2 584 Marcus Fortugno JR La Verne 47.32
3 528 Gino Bisceglia SR Cortland St. 47.50
4 767 Kevin Curbelo FR Whittier 47.73
5 578 Chris Mastrosimone SO Ithaca 47.96
6 691 Andy Green SR Redlands 48.02
7 796 Aric Hoeshcen SO Wis.-La Cros 48.19
8 501 Paul Dedewo SO CCNY 48.44